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Financial Stewardship & Principles

1 Peter 2:10 as each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace.

Stewardship is looking after someone's property in that person's interest. Biblical stewardship means accepting your role as a steward or manager of God's money and other resources. Stewardship applies to daily lifestyle choices affecting time, talents, and money.

Stewardship is not a term followers of Jesus use often. Indeed, we use biblical stewardship even less. Referring to handling money, instead of stewardship, Christians use the term money management. However, money isn't manageable. The better reference is biblical stewardship. People decide to spend—people choose to spend. That's why the reality is money management is lifestyle management. Because nobody can manage money, as Christians, we must make spending choices in line with biblical principles. That's how we practice biblical stewardship as we spend money. Its important Christians apply biblical stewardship as we decide how to allocate God's resources. Mull over this interesting article titled: Does Your Spending Reflect Your Values? Are you prepared to spend more on an item with a supplier who believes as you do, instead of spending less with a firm with opposite values? Think about this.

Biblical stewardship is central to Managing God's Money mission. We teach it and we preach it. Biblical stewardship shows hearts surrendered to Jesus, ready to do as He asks. It starts in this mission by us submitting to Jesus and committing to be good stewards of His resources. We recall biblical stewardship daily as we teach, preach, counsel, and present God's word on money, time, and other resources. Please pray we remain faithful to Jesus.

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