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Fists in Solidarity

Church Membership


On behalf of Pastors Anthony and Micheline McFarland, we would like to welcome you to the ABUNDANT HARVEST LIFT family!


As a member of AH LIFT you are entering an opportunity to be integrated into a community of believers where we honor, challenge, validate, defend, and care for one another through deep relationships of the heart. We value the Church as one body with many members, recognizing that we all have a unique part to play.


Just as we celebrate the calling and vision of others, we also embrace the distinct purpose that we have as a culture that is called to equip all ages to discover identity and activate purpose for local and global impact. Our passion is to partner with those who connect to that purpose, to strengthen one another in the Lord so that we can impact our world for the Kingdom of God.

Our mission is to offer you, the new members of AH LIFT, an environment of love and faith as you receive the essential foundational teachings from the Word of God. Imparting seeds of diligence, honor and excellence in your hearts as we serve you, thereby, inspiring you to become spiritually employed…productively assisting to fulfill the vision of AH LIFT.

What are the benefits of becoming Church member?

As a member, you can count on your ministry praying for you, touching, and agreeing with you for your spiritual and physical needs to be met with God's best. Great fellowship and connection with other believers featuring various opportunities to connect with the ministry by participating in monthly activities. You will have direct contact with staff and members who are here to embrace you along with one-one-one Pastoral care and connection. 


How do I become a Church member?

Simply fill out the basic information in the box below complete the information and submit it.  You have the option of watching the membership video on this page and then answering three questions or we will have a team member contact you and set up a onetime orientation session. Once orientation is complete you will become a member of the LIFT as we acknowledge you at one of our Sunday services.


Our goal is to build covenant relationships that establish sound spiritual leadership and be the birthing ground that cultivates potential and fulfills destiny.


Why is this important?  Because Christians were never meant to live out their faith isolated from each other.  No one should do life alone! Together, we form a community (or, as the Bible puts it - we become the body of Christ).  Formally joining a church expresses a serious willingness and commitment to walk faithfully in the company of other believers with all the benefits and responsibilities that go with such a relationship.

Together we can usually accomplish more than we can as individuals. By giving financially, volunteering personally, and committing wholeheartedly to a shared vision, church members can, with the help of the Holy Spirit, bring encouragement to others within the church and lasting change to many outside the church. Along with sharing the gospel, a denominational church can be a dramatic means of transformation in society, locally and internationally.

Image by Vardan Papikyan


Lor Re Solinger, M.Th

Minister and Board Member

Paul Joseph 

Elder and Media Cordinator, Membership Care, Health Ministry & and Counselor

Denise Jordan 

Helps  Ministry Coordinator, Care Team, Overseer of Ministers in Training Program and Counselor

Patrick Powell

Elder and Overseer of First Touch

Kim Douglas

Minister of Music, Worship & Arts Coordinator, Teen Mininstry and Counselor

eChurch Membership


If you are looking for a new experience, incapacitated or in between church homes and need a place to worship, we invite you to connect with our eChurch. LIFT eChurch is a virtual church experience designed to cater to the spiritual needs of those that are not able to join our physical worship service in person on Sundays. 

What is eChurch membership?

We have created eChurch membership for those persons who consistently watch or listen to Abundant Harvest Lift services via the internet. Whether you are a regular member that travels, or you simply cannot be physically a part of our services, eChurch membership is designed for you. With a mandate to reach the world for Jesus Christ, eChurch membership is a perfect avenue to minister to anyone who desires to grow in the Word of God and experience a dynamic teaching ministry on a consistent basis. We are happy that you choose to join our eChurch congregation today. 


What are the benefits of becoming eChurch member?

As an eChurch member, you can count on your ministry praying for you and agreeing with you for your spiritual and physical needs to be met with God's best. You will have direct correspondence for prayer requests, exclusive echurch member updates, connect with other echurch members, weekly inspiration through AH LIFT live streaming broadcasts and webinars, one-one-one eChurch Pastor care and connection. 


How do I become an eChurch member?

Simple complete the form and submit it.  Then watch the video and answer three questions. Once eChurch orientation is complete you will become an eChurch member as we make the announcement live via one of our live streams. 


What is the financial commitment?

There is no monthly connection fee. It is our belief that as you desire to give your tithes and offerings or sow a seed to support the many facets of ministry, we are grateful and encourage you to do so by simple clicking our giving link or downloading our Tithl.y App. 

Fists in Solidarity

Thanks for submitting!

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