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spiritual gifts test

Spiritual profile

WHAT IS... this spiritual profile?

This profile is for people coming together around a vision for real discipleship, people who are committed to grow, committed to change, committed to learn, and become the man and woman that God has called them to be! This spiritual assessment is a tool for the New Member's spiritual growth and also enables you to answer two important life questions: 

     ·  Where am I in my spiritual journey?

     ·  How can I move forward to fulfill God's Purpose and Destiny? 


If you are ready to be more intentional about your spiritual life, transformation, and purpose, and live it out through the ministry, community and friends, then this profile can help you move forward in your relationship with Christ and your purpose to glorify God.

We believe that Christ is in charge of His church, with all of its organs, warts, moles, and hairs. He knows what He is doing and has instructed all five-fold ministry gifts to sharpen His people for life and the advancement of His Kingdom. When you joined here you brought with you a lifetime of spiritual experiences, biases, beliefs, and habits.


God’s first question appears in Genesis 3:9 when He asks Adam, "Where Are You?"

He’s not asking about Adam’s physical location. Instead, He’s probing Adam’s shame and confusion resulting from his disobedience by asking, “Where are you, Adam, (inferring) in relationship to Me?” This Scripture is the hallmark of the Spiritual Life Profile because it reflects the heart of the survey's two goals:

• In the Personal Profile: to answer God’s first question which gives us a snapshot of your spiritual health.

• In the Church Profile: to identify high-potential opportunities for your personal growth and to help deepen your relationship with God in order for you to experience your purpose in your life and family!

We believe that before we are born God has a plan for each and every one of His children and what He wants to see us achieve, while we are working through our challenges in life in order to fulfill our purpose. We aim to locate where you are spiritually, your gifts, life challenges (areas you desire to grow in) and what your life, dreams and aspirations are! We want to see you do big things for God.

This is a confidential document and the information contained herein is for Pastoral office use only!


Spiritual Profile

Understand as we work through our challenges, sometimes we get stuck and we just cannot visualize what we are doing wrong.

Based on your personal experience and seasons, you can feel like you're just going around in circles. This Life Profile helps us to be clear: about where you are as you join the church, understand your purpose, break down behavior patterns that will hinder you from achieving victory in every area of life, to getting rid of past guilt, resentment, fear, etc., that has affected us throughout our life. We purpose to be a life giving church that causes true transformation in your life for God’s glory and your good!



You’ll discover where you are in your spiritual journey
• You’ll receive a personalized spiritual growth plan from one of our team members
• You’ll receive a personalized scripture reading plan to help you grow in Christ
• You’ll receive the support in tracking your progress quarterly the first year (your choice)
• You’ll help the church discover the spiritual health of its body for advancement
• You’ll be excited about volunteering to help the church shape ministerial strategies and programs to better serve you and others! We want to see you do BIG things for God!

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