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community academy is Free!

This is our 3rd annual beginning of the summer male and female mentoring program, “Developing Elite Leaders of Tomorrow Academy” starts Saturday, June 1st, 2024.

This program is designed to empower youth to become socially responsible, economically empowered and leaders of tomorrow making a difference as professionals, parents, and future leaders in our community. Under the mentorship of professional, spiritual, and educated men and women, students will engage in riveting dialogue while learning who they are, their purpose, life skills, entrepreneurship interactive team building exercises and developing their personal leadership skills.

We are accepting up to 24 youth into this years Academy. An application must be submitted and approved before June 1st, 2024

Email Nomination To:

Attention Adult Male Mentors, Professionals & Sponsors

Please Call: 1-800-282-6056 




        I give my informed consent and permission for my child/youth to participate in the Lift International Delta Mentoring Program and its related activities.

                  I hereby acknowledge that my child/youth may be transported by Lift International or his mentor while participating in the mentorship program, and that such transportation for special events is voluntary and at his/her own risk.

Thanks for registering! We will get back to you ASAP!

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