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Anthony and Micheline McFarland are the founding pastors of Abundant Harvest LIFT.  They started ministry in Pasadena, California over 20 years ago with a vision to see families whole, healed and experiencing the love of God. After being together over 31 years and married 30 years Anthony and Micheline McFarland have found that there is a big difference between religion and relationship.


They both came to a pivotal point in their marriage where they realized that they were so far away from God’s plan and purpose that their lives together, due to past hurts and pains, had entrapped them to prevent them from having what God created marriage and the family to be: a healthy, vibrant and life-giving union.


We all have defining moments in our lives—challenging circumstances; relational, pain, family issues and transitional seasons which shape and form, oftentimes, who we are. But, it’s how we respond during these times that have a direct impact on our futures.


They passionately want to see men, women, singles, marriages and families alike win in life by learning how to exercise their faith, walk in the love of God and forgiveness in order to experience victory in every area of their life.


It has been said with the right information, revelation of God's Covenant Plan and a mutual will to succeed people can be healed, delivered and set free from generational curses and behaviors that would destroy them.


As a power couple Anthony was born in Texas and raised in Jackson, Mississippi and Micheline was born in Canada (family native of Haiti).  They have been blessed with two daughters, Amika and Jessica (husband Willie) who both have blessed them with six grandchildren.


They also have a great heart to see other leaders receive the necessary help and tools they need in order to plant churches and fulfill their assignments.


Love is at the center of everything they do! 

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