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Here You Will Find a List of All of Our Ministries & Department Leaders.


Find the Perfect Ministries for Church, Community, Men, Women,

Teen or Kid-Friendly Departments and Leaders.  


Department Auxiliary Heads

Ernest Ikner                                      CIA - Church Outreach

Denise Jordon                                   Armor Bearers

Melissa Lambert                               Special Events

Mrs. Mary Gunn                                Fresh & Clean

Paul Joseph                                      Media Dept. (Video & Audio)

Karis Joseph                                     Kingdom Kids

Robbie Cook                                     Media Duplication

Wanda Nicholson                             Seniors Ministry - Wisdom, Beauty and Debinars 

Patrick Powell                                   First Touch Team – Ushers

Lillian Pablo                                      First Touch Team – Hostesses

Lor Re Solinger                                Life Groups 

Kim Douglas                                     Worship & Arts 


Pastoral Team                       Children, Youth and Seniors Depts.

Children's minstry; Pre-teens; Young Adults Garage; Singles; Nursery; Seniors Fellowship.


Engerson Lambert                            Creative Depts.

Audio/Video; Drama/Performing Arts; Media Duplication; Music Ministry; Special Events; and Chef Team.


Lor Re Solinger/Helen Gipson          Care Depts.

Armor Bearers; Bereavement; Hostess/Greeters; New Members; Women's Fellowship; Life Groups & Parking Team.                                                    

Denise Jordan/ Doug S.                Executive Team

Administration; Marketing; Building Maintenance; Service Coordinator; CIA Outreach/God Squad; Pastoral Assistant.


Michael Meade                                  Church Operations Manager

C.I.A - Christian In Action 



To go into all the world, using various methods, to share the living Word of God with people and provide an opportunity for them to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Also, as we regularly go into our community, we extend an invitation for people to attend public worship services and Bible Studies along with Life Groups. 


  • Preteens (ages 9-12)

  • Children (ages 5-8)

  • Nursery (ages 2-5)

Welcome to our Kingdom Kids Ministry department.  We count it an honor and blessing to serve you and your family in this area of ministry.  We are equally excited to have your child with us and want their “Children’s Church” experience here at AHLift to be both pleasant and spiritually rewarding.

(Teens ages 13-19)

Our goal is to reach the heart of our teens where they are, and take them into a deeper commitment in Christ. At Lift our teens are treated like tomorrow’s leaders and prepared to be lights to a dark world.  We want them to overcome and live in victory in every area of their life, walking in God's love and the Kingdom of Light instead of the Kingdom of Darkness. We believe they will excel as they tap into the God-given potential that He has placed  within each one of them.  God is doing great things in the lives of our teens here at AHLift.

Women's Ministry

Our Vision - is to Empower a Generation, to tap into their God-given Destiny and Potential. We encourage, develop, embrace and connect covenant people globally.


We aspire everyone to achieve his or her divine destinies.


We pursue to Open One's Spiritual Eyes to the Seen and Unseen Realms, Celestial and Terrestrial, Natural and Supernatural, Earthly and Heavenly Dimensions, that may hinder one from advancing, to cause revelation, healing, deliverance and most of all-purpose.

We provide christian counseling for members. 

Life Groups

Pastoral Support

Like it or not, Christians also struggle with drifting marriages, infidelity, addictions, anxiety, depression and anger. Our human nature still requires some changing, help and healing. Most Christians want to apply what they know is true, but often don’t know how.

  • Have you gotten off track in your life or marriage and need a fresh start?

  • Has your marriage drifted apart or been shaken by an affair?

  • Are emotional problems, guilt, shame and other baggage from your past keeping you from pursuing your dreams?

  • Are you ready to get married and desire pre-marital counseling before jumping the broom? Connect today with one of the most sought-out marriage counselors on the west coast.

Wouldn’t it be nice to belong to a group of other peers who you can trust and learn from? Just imagine having the opportunity to be a part of something where you can learn about God and grow spiritually in a practical and fun way.

Your needs can be met in a Life Group. Dynamic groups meet monthly to encourage, strengthen and cultivate people like you. Life groups provide that intimate place to grow in God and to fellowship with other members of our large church family. Life today can throw many tests our way, but you never have to go through them alone.

It is our prayer that every member of our fellowship will find a meaningful relationship with the Lord and other believers in our life groups.

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